Dispute Resolution

INLAW creates trust to clients with the devotement and prudence in working,  always resolutely and radically persuing the client’s purposes and protecting their benefits.

We consult about handling disputes on these sectors:

  • Business, commerce
  • Civil
  • Labour
  • Marriage and family

With each dispute, we shall:

  • Researching document and proposing the plan for solution
  • Consulting process, procedure about dispute resolution.
  • Collecting, adding evidence – completing document
  • Drafting related document
  • Representing for the client in negotitating to handling disputes.
  • Joining reconcilement, litigation before courts and  arbitration

Service charges shall be counted base on: the kind of license, the level of complicated, the scope of service and wasted time to implement work.

INTELLIGENCE – INNOVATION – INTEGRITY are elements to  successfully resolving  disputes that our lawyers  represent.

There are some disputes that INLAW has inplemented in recent time:

  • Represented for Vietnamese client in a internal dispute among employees in a joint-venture Viet Nam – Japan activing in cuisine sector. The case valued at above 2 billion VND.
  • Represented for Viet Nam’s interprise in a construction corporation investment  agreement dispute about a office building in Dicstrict 3, Ho Chi Minh City. The case valued at above 36 billion VND
  • Represented for Japan’s interprise in a investment brokerage agreement dispute in Viet Nam with two of Viet Nam’s interprises. The cased valued at 140.000 USD
  • Represented for Vietnamese individual in a loan agreement dispute . The case valued at above 3,5 billion VND
  • Represented for Vietnamese individual in a  equity transfer agreement dispute in a limited liability company. The case valued at 6.5 billion VND
  • Represented for two of Viet Nam’s interprises in a joint stock purchasing agreement dispute of a state interprise  in sector of equitization implement culture. The case valued at about 26 billion VND



Marriage and Family

Dispute Resolution News

Civil dispute resolution

In case civil dispute resolution, instituting and gathering evidences as well as proving our well – grounded requirements are the most essential issues in order to protect our legitimate rights and interests. There are not many people understanding this problems, […]

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